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was part of a horrible accident, a bolt caught in the tracks appears to be what caused a cable car accident that injured ten people in san francisco, that bolt was discovered after the cable car stopped just after 10:00 this morning. investigators are looking where the bolt came from and how it got on the track. >> this is what caused the grip, which is the instrument right there that the operator of the car holds the cable with that, as they were cruising down here, or coasting down here. this hit the grip and stopped the car. a scary incident, ten people were treated for injuries including an elderly man who was taken to the hospital after he fell on his head. bus shuttles were called in to replace cable car service. the line was back up and running four hours later. >> it was a tense afternoon in the approximaberkley hills, it
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around noon. you see the map here, smoke billowed from the top level of the home. and flames filled the home. firefighters were told to evacuate the house and go into a defensive mode. approaching the fire from the outside. fire danger a sensitive topic in the berkley and oakland hills. it did not spread and there's no reports of of any injuries. a live look outside right now, this is beautiful, it's san francisco, just a gorgeous day, but changes are just around the corner. jeff ranieri will tell us when we can expect more showers. >> nor and december, major rain then in 2013, less than an inch of rain here for most of the east bay and also the south bay. it's dry right now, but as we zoom out on the satellite radar picture, you can clearly see the dee fined cold front sitting off
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shore at 800 miles. the center of the storm is way off to the north. that means we are going to be spared to heaviest rain. we will get in on rain drops here, as early as tomorrow moshing. we will have cloud cover increasing across the north bay and as we head throughout 6:00 a.m., the best shots are marin, san francisco and san mateo counties for those commuters you will get the rain drops first. here are the wintry highlights after 70s this time last week, we are going to see temperatures 5 to 8 degrees below average. and some re low rain snow mix. we will let you know which city across the bay area may actually get a rain snow mix down at the lower elevations. we are talking 2-500 feet. >> we will see you shortly. >> there were bomb sniffing jobs and eevacuations, the target? many government offices.
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two buildings were evacuated following a 7:00 a.m. bomb threat. the threat was made to the big building leased to the lawrence berkl berkley national lab. the bomb sniffing dogs and disposal technicians came from local law enforcement, and from the coast guard and homeland security. after six hours the buildings did reopen. >> fairfield police say the investigation into the killing of a 13-year-old girl is progressing but they are not ready to share what they have uncovered. the police held a press conference to assure that they are using all their resources to track down the killer. her naked body was found last friday morning at allen wi the tt park. a camera captured her walking down the street late that achb. and the police say they have uncovered more evidence in the
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case. >> when the time and place comes, we will talk more about the specifics and circumstances. but, at this point, it's critical that much of the information stay between us and the perpetrators. >> the girl's family has released a statement thanking the community for their support during a very painful period. >> how safe is your child's school? there are hidden dangers not just on campus but near campus. today, safety experts led a tour around a sunny israel school, to teacher parents an important lesson. marianne joins us and what do we need to know? >> raj, as a parent, i know how difficult the pick up and drop off times can be. it can be chaos. this is something that parents throughout the bay area need to deal with. but many of the parents drive their kids home when they live only a few blocks away. >> are you picking up somebody in school?
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>> yes. >> mark is on a mission to encourage the kids to walk more. so the physical activity expert performed a walking audit of birve op elementary school in sunny israel, what he saw made him cringe. >> a little girl ran between two parked cars and jumped in the right hand side and the parent never got out, and the car took off. >> when school lets out, parents agree, it's chaos. >> you have kids running across street at times, you have cars still coming in their direction. you have parents stopping in front of people's driveways. it's just -- it's super busy. >> a are group of santa clara officials joined to offer their input of course the hope is to learn simple ways to improve safety at campuses throughout the county. so parents can feel it's safe
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for the kids to walk to and from school. increasing activity to help fight obesity. >> mark performed these walking audits at campuses throughout the nation all the time. and he said that he sees a consistent problem and that is that families act in a bubble. he said that parents do not coordinator with other parents for pickup times and if they did, that would reduce the congestion and improve school safety. >> thanks, still to come at 5:00, a staple of american life going away. one bay area company is cheering the end of saturday mail service. plus. >> i'm scott budman in time for valentine's day. technology and romance. how one company uses social networking and lots of languages to find success. and it's that time of year, the celebrities are out, where you
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can star gaze along the coast this weekend. >> and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc weather center, we are tracking changes, the storm system is off shore, we will give you the time line and if you are headed anywhere near the sierra, winter weather advisory in effect, 3-6 inches possible there. i have more on your full forecast in a few.
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>> a failed drug deal may have led to the deaths dm a building in for eftdville yesterday afternoon. all three men that were found were shot to death. one of the victims has been identified as rallie butler. his mother rented the appropriate at the time that the crime took place.
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she was not home. there are no suspect ises at this time. we have new information in the death of a millionaire, kumra, investigators are not done yet, ever since the suspects were arrested the attorneys are have complained that prosecutors are not sharing evidence or information with them. that prompted another court delay today, a defense lawyer said that law enforcement is serving dozens of potential arrest warrants in the case. however the da's office will not confirm that, saying that the regulation is ongoing. >> three bay area hospitals are among seven fined. valley medical center was fined $100,000 for deviating from established policies in an emergency case. and st. mary's was fined for a surgical violation and for improperly dispensing medicine.
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and ucsf was fined for violating surgical procedures where foreign objects were left inside patients. each hospital has to provide a correction plan. >> some old time practices are making new technology possible at san jose state, the university aus school of journalism and mass communications today celebrated a nearly $9 million donation from what is literally an old school source. emma and jack anderson, own the printing company where the school's daily newspaper was published for 20 years. the communications business has exploded with the addition of computers and social media and they said that today's gift means that the students at san jose state will be among the best prepared in america. the decision on whether to allow local the troops to create their own rules on gay membership was stalled. after a flood of comments the board said it needs more time to
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study and deliberate the membership policy. the group will take up the controversial issue again in may at the boy scout's annual meeting. >> check your mailbox, but not on saturday's. today, the u.s. post office said that it's ending the saturday delivery in an effort to save $2 billion. they will deliver mail monday through friday, but not saturday. it will only drop off packages on saturdays. the plan goes into effect this august. the postal service said that it will shift the focus to shipping where it believes it can make more money. >> los gatos based netflix could benefit from the postal plan, meaning that subscribers will be watching fewer dvds for the same price. netflix will have one less day to send dvds so the company will aif money that it usually would have spent. investigators seem to think the same thing. the company's stock went up 6%
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today. >> as we approach valentine's day today, it's a busy time for online dating sites. scott budman found one that is growing all over the world. >> a lot of growth for the company called zoosk, because there's more than just one language of love. >> it sounds like the united nations. >> but this office is not political. >> it's zoosk. >> thank you for calling. >> in the business of love. well, online match making, a dell indicate operation in any language. >> it's not as many transactional, it's more emotional. and one of the things that you want to make sure, we take as much anxiety and stress out of the process. >> and cupid gets help from the employees that speaks more than two dozen different languages. a call center that is both social -- >> some of the calls are, you
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know, i found this girl, she is great, now what do i do next? >> and international. >> we have online daters from new york to deli, using the service. we are in 70 different countries and 25 different languages. >> a way to help those reaching out to find someone -- no matter where they are. >> well, thanks for calling zoosk and you have a great day, snok. >> zoosk has 15 million monthly users and it has increased the staff size by 40%. >> thank you, scott, let's bring in our chef meteorologist jeff ranieri, it's gorgeous today. >> it's like it's summer day outside. we had so much sunshine, we will show you incredible sunsets tonight, sky camera network in a moment. we are seeing things pick up at the coast line ahead of the storm system that is off shore
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winds from 15-24 miles an hour and wave heights are now 12-13 feet. we are going to be undergoing this high tide cycle. otherwise known as king tide the next two days. so, it's going to go with the area of wet weather. you want to watch out for water level rises from 3 to 6 feet. again, with high tide as we head throughout the next two days. let's go outside to the live sky camera network tonight, we have mid-and a bit of low cloud cover straddling the mountains here in silicon valley. this has fwn shot of the past couple of days and this looks like the middle of august here throughout the bay area. sunny skies and if i were to show this picture to anyone blindly, they would say that is 70 to 80 weather. things will be changing rapidly. so let's get to it. we have the cold front that is pushing down here across the
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pacific. it will break up as it gets here. so we are expecting rainfall, it's just not going to be considered a major storm for the bay area we are going to get a huge blast of cold air behind it that will drop the overnight temperatures into the 20s for very low snow in the forecast. as far as tomorrow goes. 40s to 50s, from the coast line to the interior valley. it will feel brisk and right up throughout san mateo and san francisco county. let's get to the time line on the rainfall. the most important thing, if you are planning for tomorrow, you want to come to your tv to see this one. we have widespread cloud cover by 10:00 p.m., namely as we head throughout the morning, it's the ones in the north bay that has the best chance of the rain drops first off. as we head through 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning it will push off as rain for the east and south bay.
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we will keep a chance of showers throughout the afternoon. keep the umbrella handy, friday morning, a few showers before it starts to push out. this is where it's going to get interesting. a bit of moisture in the east bay, temperatures dropping into the 30s and our computer model is picking up on a little bit of snow that could go down to livermore. not a lot, but even by 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning, you can see, at best, you could get a rain/snow mix. let's get a look up across the sierra, 4 to 5 inches if you are headed that way. on friday morning, be prepared for slick road ways and may need to chain up the cars. 39 in santa rosa, and 37 in napa and 43 in san jose. cooler, low to mid 50s across most of the board.
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and then we will keep the chance of showers in the forecast for friday and then here is the great thing. clearing out just in time for your weekend as we head throughout saturday and sunday. a lot of sunshine, temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 and right now we are looking at a storm system off shore by next wednesday. it's not large. but i tell you, back in the weather department. any kind of rain drops we see within a,000 miles, let's say. >> we are in. >> i'm putting rain off shore. i know how much all of you want it. >> we will be ready. >> well with, 2012 marked the busiest year in one bay area airport. 44.5 million travelers threw through san francisco international last year, it broke the record for the second year in a row. up 8.5% from 2011. why? because 97% of the international travel goes through sfo and recent renovations to terminal two and verge inamerica using
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sfo as the main hub has increased the travelers. >> it's a problem we all share, we are talking about pollution. >> and a classic game, gets a make over. how social media influenced a change to monopoly.
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in health matters, a pregnant woman's exposer to outdoor pollution could cause her newborn baby to weigh less. it's the largest study on the relationship between air pollution exposure and low birth weight. air pollution includes traffic exhaust, power plants and dust. researchers found for every ten micro gram increase in a meter of air, birth weights dee crease by a third of an ounce. >> phil the lonely camel is taking it easy after his brush
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with traffic yesterday. he wandered away and had an encounter with the minivan. here is another truck passing by. he escaped from his nearby ranch. the uc davis veterinarians found that he did not break any bones, but they would like to keep an eye on him for the next couple of days. >> poor phil. >> monopoly has a new game piece. the newest monopoly token? a cat. it beat out four other proposed pieces including a toy robot, guitar, helicopter and diamond ring. the cat will join the the pieces. leaving monopoly the iron, the latest mondopoly game hits the stores soon. >> we will be back with the celebrities that are in town. stay with us.
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>> let's be very honest, it's a big party and it has been for decades, it's when hollywood comes to our backyard, the celebrity challenge took place today. is that bill murray in. >> yes. >> it's the at&t pro am, a fun way to mingel with the stars. most of them sign autographs and putted on the green. bill murray, huey lewis and andy garcia were out there golfing for charity. huey lewis wins the shoot out. bill murray cracks me up. the tournament officially starts tomorrow. one of the featured groups has 49ers head coach jim harbaugh
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and matt cain and round one will begin tomorrow morning. >> and they may get a bit of rain, right, jeff? >> you go that way, you have to have a ticket, they are looking at abou tenth to a quarter inch of rain. i like bill murray in that. it's a big party if you are going down there. see you at 6:00.
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on the broadcast tonight, going away. the post office says no more saturday delivery. it's a drastic move to stay afloat by ending something that's always been a part of life. eyes in the sky. unmanned drones, wartime technology roaming the skies here at home. who are they watching, and why? the struggle.
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new jersey governor chris christie is in the middle of a fight erupting in public over his own weight. tonight what a former white house doctor said about him and how he fired back. and one year from tonight, if you can believe it, opening ceremonies at the winter olympics. tonight we'll show you the resort town packed with palm trees where they hope to have snow on the slopes a year from now. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening. for the folks who have moved to an all-electronic web-based life, today's news maybe wasn't all that impactful. but for the folks with mailboxes in cities and towns across this country on dirt roads or in apartment buildings, there's always been mail on saturday. six days a week, since the time of abraham lincoln.

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